A Certain Lack of Focus

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Well Rejected actually, but sometimes life warrants a little bit of Strongbad.
My "Silk Laces" story was rejected by the Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy. It's not all that surprising, I don't expect Silk Laces to make it into a consumer magazine but I figure I'll try before I start hitting up the small press. I sent it out to Fantasy Magazine and am waiting for my next rejection letter. :)
In other news I've read McGuire's Son of a Witch. I'd long been awaiting the paperback version and was not disappointed although I found the ending abrupt and somewhat unfinished. I dunno if he's setting himself up for a sequel or just likes ambiguity... I'm hoping for the prior. Also, although I'm always pleased by the time I get to the end of McGuire's stories I was reminded that I'm not quite convinced by his style. He reminds me of Greg Bear, although the plots and construction are always (ok usually) excellent and creative, the writing itself doesn't quite capture me. Certainly doesn't make it universally bad: a few months ago I gave up on Hugo winning Moving Mars... so what do I know?