A Certain Lack of Focus

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I now have a flickr profile and site that you should definitely check out. I'm proud of some of the pics, but annoyed that I can't yet figure out how to control the order in which they display. Anyhow, go see it here: Let me know what you think!
In other news my story "Silk Laces" was rejected from Fantasy Magazine, now I'm trying to decide where to send it next. I still think I'll go through all consumer magazines before I hit the small press, but ultimately that's where I expect it will end up. I'm still crossing my fingers on "Oh the Rats Get Into Everywhere" which I sent off to Asimov's Science Fiction... I think that's a long shot but with that story I think I may actually have a chance to get into a consumer magazine. We'll see. I'm not exactly holding my breath, but I think there's a chance. I'm also waiting to hear back from my final try in Illustrators of the Future. *Shrug*