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Monday, February 05, 2007

Illustrators of the Never

So I've received my last and probably final rejection from Illustrator's of the Future, let me tell you why I'm annoyed. First, I find it irritating that they always encourage entrants to enter more work in the next quarter of the contest, when the announcement comes far too late. I got my rejection about a week ago... the deadline for the current quarter was December 31st. That's about a month too late. Yes, obviously I can enter in the next one instead but I'm bitching here so bear with me. The other reason I'm annoyed is that this is the third time I've been a "semi-finalist" which means absolutely nothing. Now, the suggestions provided in the current rejection commented that my submissions looked a bit sketchy and unfinished. This is true enough, but I'm fairly certain that if I'd originally submitted my three best from my thesis show it wouldn't have been an issue. I would have done this, but I was trying to show some variety, now I don't think that's what they want. Ah well. I entered a fantasy art contest, should find out results in April. I doubt I have much of a chance, but I've seen worse make it in so, who knows? I'm also currently taking an illustration class which should hopefully allow me to broaden my portfolio. I have four sketches to do before tomorrow, then I get to start work on a color characture of Brian Froud. I'm always a little nervous about working in color, but for this I'm basicly imitating Brian Froud's style and making him a goblin or something, so it should be fun. In the world of literature, I have yet to receive any notice (good or bad) from Asimov's Science Fiction, where I submitted "Oh the Rats get into Everywhere." I'm meeting with a professor this week to talk about the story so hopefully by the time I hear one way or the other it will be better and ready for publication. "Silk Laces" was rejected from Fantasy Magazine, I haven't decided where to send it next. Probably either Realms of Fantasy or a journal I can't remember the name of that is supposedly dedicated to new writers... so I might have a better chance.

At the moment I'm worrying about applying for an internship at Cleveland Magazine. They say they are looking for journalism students (which I am not) but since I'm the editor of a student magazine I'm hoping that will give me at least some edge in applying. I'm meeting with someone in career services on Wednesday to spiff up my resume.

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