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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Ever since I was a little kid, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. I'm not sure why, it wasn't the candy, which always struck me as a bit anti-climactic, I think it was just the joy of pretend, the one day of the year that EVERYONE has to pretend to be something else. Preferably something spooky. Of course I've gotten a bit lame lately, but it's not my fault. Since I've been at that media conference for the last three years I've consistently missed, if not the actual day, the weekend where everyone has the big Halloween party, which is a real bummer for someone who thinks Christmas is the second rate holiday. This year I actually managed to get some Halloween activities in, and it took me unprepared. The weekend before last there was a Halloween party which was supposedly really a party for the pagan holiday that inspired Halloween (don't ask me what it's called I don't remember), but mostly it just felt like Halloween. Although it wasn't your typical party by any means (one of the reasons it was cool) there was a drum circle, and belly dancing and a friend of the hostess doing henna tattoos. I love Henna.

Last weekend of course I was in DC for the conference, but I was surprised to get a little taste of Halloween even there. The zoo was all set up for their version of "Boo at the Zoo" (does every zoo do Boo at the Zoo?) so we got to see some fun spooky decorations. Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of my favorite decor: hanging from the long metal bridge that takes you to the main part of the zoo were a line of ghosts, swinging in the wind. Presumably they were the souls of people that had been hung, but since the Boo @ Zoo thing is geared partially towards kids I'm thinking maybe I'm not supposed to think that deeply.

I got back in town about 4pm Sunday afternoon and at 7pm Matt and I went into Lakewood to visit friends and carve pumpkins. Much fun holiday spirit (or spirits) was had by all. My big brother had decked out the house to look quite spooky, much better than many of the houses on the block, with high class bones that actually kinda feel like dried out bones, like driftwood from Lake Erie. Meanwhile Kim is still hard at work in the garden (even though it's freaking October) which is looking cooler every time I go over. I'm sure this wasn't her intent, but the mass of plants and colors went much better with the haunted feel than the boring grass lawns lining the rest of the street. Brian (brother), Amy, Matt and I all carved pumpkins, but Kim didn't get the chance between gardening and roasting pumpkin seeds.

And tonight we all went over to Kim and Brian's for trick or treating. Amy handed out the candy, apparently with the wisdom of Solomon since we ran out almost exactly at 7:55 (trick-or-treating ends at 8). As an added bonus, the garden kept the kiddies from stomping through the front yard. Unfortunately Kim had volleyball and missed out on most of it, Matt had to stay inside and get work done, but it was still a fun time. Lots of cute costumes and only a few crying children. Scary award goes to the toddler in the Elmo costume... carrying an axe.
I'll post pictures of costumes and pumpkins etc. as I get them...

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