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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hillary Clinton

In the last few days, many of the media mouths, even on my favorite news source, have been criticizing Hillary Clinton. It's not even really criticism so much as it is a fatherly shaking of the head, a "we expect better" sort of voice. And really that's so much worse. If they ever wanted to prove that there was a bias of sexism, they've succeeded.

hillaryclintonI've been a stanch Obama supporter since the primaries kicked off, but I've always liked Clinton, both varieties. I don't think either of them (the Clintons that is) have exactly shown their best faces in this election, but I also don't think that Hillary's not-exactly concession speech is as big a deal as the media is making of it. To me, this is another reminder that behind Hillary's carefully polished face is a human being.

Because Hillary isn't being petty, at least that's not how I read it. Hillary is CRUSHED. How long has this been in her sights? Since Bill was elected? Earlier? I think everyone knew it was on the horizon when she ran for Senator, if not before. People joked about her being the real president when Bill was in office, so I'm sure it was on her mind. And at the beginning this election, Hillary was far from the only person who thought the nomination was hers for the plucking. Defeat hurts. I have to question how much any person who has not learned that, has actually tried.

pom-ponSo give her the measly four days she's taken to cling to "not making any decisions." The decision has been made for her, probably was weeks ago. Let her nurse her ego, and step down with dignity. Once she's had her time, Hillary will do her duty with all the enthusiasm of a cheerleader on Ecstasy.

Hillary Clinton on ETo Hillary Clinton, (because obviously she reads my blog) I'd like to say thank you. We've been pretending that this isn't about race or sex except in a mildly amusing anecdotal way, but this election was always in some part about each of those things. I know it hurts to lose, but you've done more than any woman in history to make IT possible. In spite of whatever sexism you may have faced, you did NOT lose because you are a woman, you lost because you underestimated your opponent. And on the day you chose not to concede the race, today when everyone is wondering what you're thinking, this Saturday, when you throw your support behind Obama as you have to do: there is not a single person who can now believe that a woman cannot be president.

Hillary, it won't be you, but it will be because of you. It won't be me, because I don't want it, but I know I'll see it in my lifetime. You may see it in your lifetime. Maybe I'll vote for Chelsey Clinton. Because of you. I don't know what you'll do next. If Obama can defeat McCain, I believe this country CAN change, finally, in much needed ways. You will be a part of that. Maybe you can even step less carefully now that your presidential aspirations are spent. I don't know.

All I know is that while right now you are feeling the crushing pain of defeat, while right now I am cheering in my heart for Barack Obama, you have done something wonderful. I won't stop hoping for Obama, but I do hope that someday soon, you realize how very much you have done.

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Dad said...

Meagan, You should submit this to your local paper either to stand on it's own or for the editorial page. It is well written, concise and quite emotional. Who knows, maybe it would be picked by AP.


Meagan said...

Thanks Dad :)

Don West said...

Hi Meagan,
I'm not against Obama but WHAT will change. That's all I need to know in order to vote for him. Assuming he's clear about it and it's good for the country.
Do you know what will be changing? I've yet to determine it. If you know, please enlighten me.
Oh, and "any change is good change" doesn't cut it. I think you'll agree some changes can be very, very bad.
Please reply. I'd really like to know if you know what will be changing. Seriously. I'm not being caddy or sarcastic.

Meagan said...

Possibly nothing tangible. As I think you're pointing out, Obama's not really promising much by way of specific change, he's talking in a general all encompassing way. He's been criticized over and over for being "vague" but I don't really mind that: since politicians rarely follow through on their specific promises, this just gives Obama less to break.

But there are real changes that will certainly occur if Obama is elected.

Change 1) We'll have someone in the highest office who'd rather talk things out than bomb the crap out of everyone within his reach.

Change 2) From a pure vanity standpoint, I won't be embarrassed when my Commander in Chief speaks publicly overseas. Or here for that matter.

Change 3) Obama's "change" rhetoric is less about what HE is going to do and more about what we can do together. There's a reason he's being compared to Kennedy: "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." And that's the way real change happens. What change? That depends on us, not Obama. This isn't so much about whether Gay Marriage will become legal, or whether we'll create solar powered cars, or become a theocracy or anarchy as the American mob shifts this way or that, it's about asking people to accept responsibility for their country again instead of just bitching about the people in power. I don't know if it will really happen, but I think that's what Obama's pushing for, and that to me is the best change I can imagine.