A Certain Lack of Focus

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I made Google!

Well my website finally made Google. Google thinks it's of no importance but I can handle that... at this point my website really is of no importance. It's a nice step anyway, and I'm more than a little suspicious that the timing coincides with my first post on blogger. I've had a live journal for a while, and a myspace for a while, but this is the first time my website has shown up on a google search. Anyway I don't really mind. I guess this also means I should find some spare time (ha!) to start updating my site. My site by the way (another shameless plug) is: www.hadesarrow.com.
In other career news, less encouraging, I heard back from the Illustrator's of the Future contest. I had entered in the first quarter and received notification that I was a semi-finalist (in other words hadn't won squat but at least they were interested). So I entered again... this time in the third quarter, and as I had followed the "suggestions" the contest judges included in their letter I had high hopes... so... I was slightly disappointed this time when I was, once again, a semifinalist. Better than nothing I suppose, except, really, a semifinalist IS nothing. No suggestions this time either, just a comment that of the three drawings I sent in they preferred the oldest of the bunch... not a great sign I'd say. I wouldn't take it quite so personally except, well I've SEEN some of the illustrations that make it into publication... and I KNOW I'm better. Ah well, art is all about perspective I suppose, there's nothing I can do about it if their perspective sucks. O:-) I may enter the contest next year (no way I'll be ready by the last deadline of this year) but for now I think I should focus on other things. I'm working on an independent study making a comic out of a story I wrote a little while ago. I'm not even 6 pages in and I'm sick to death of it, but I do think it will look pretty decent when I'm done. If I'm happy with the result I'll send it in to Dark Horse's New Recruits contest. If I don't have any luck there I'll try image... or one of the other companies that deals more in complete stories... but I'm not sure how interested they'd be in a single book story.
Still waiting and hoping to get some samples from the guy from Marvel. I'm going to email him once a week until he sends me some. I'm not in the least offended that he keeps forgetting me... after all... he doesn't need me at all... and I definitely need his help to get into the business (or some one's). So my challenge is to keep bugging him... without sounding impatient, pissy, or like a kiss up. On second hand maybe it would be ok to sound like a kiss up. Hopefully... eventually, it will work. If I can get some pages to ink I'll be one step further than I am now... even if he never takes a look at them when I send them back, at least I'll have some Marvel inks to show next year when I go to Wizard World.

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