A Certain Lack of Focus

Sunday, September 10, 2006


My name is Meagan Call, I'm a 25 year old woman, trying to start a career as a writer and illustrator. I have a bfa in studio art and am currently working on an mfa in creative writing. I think I'm about the the point where my craft is good enough to be published... I'm just waiting for someone to realize this. And then preferably give me lots of money to do what I love. I went to Wizard World Chicago in August... and met someone from Marvel who said they liked my inking enough that they'd like to see what I can do on Marvel pencils. So now I'm waiting for some pencils so I can give that a try... then I'll get to wait a little bit more to see if they might actually have some work for me. I'm not quite optimistic, but it's still a step further than I was before the Wizard World convention. The other big thing I'm waiting for right now is contest results. I entered a story in The Writers of the Future Contest and illustrations The Illustrators of the Future Contest. They are supposed to notify entrants of results (one way or the other) 6-8 weeks after the contest deadline (which was June 30th), but it's not all that surprising that they're running late. I get the feeling that's sort of the norm. But that does mean that I'm waiting for results that could come tomorrow... or not for months yet, I have no way to tell. So we'll see, I'm more hopeful about the illustration contest, I think I've got a pretty good shot. The story I sent in was so weird that I can't even guess if I have a chance with the writers contest... either they'll think it's brilliant or they'll think it's terrible.


Tony Pi said...

Hi Meagan,

The Writers of the Future Contest results usually take until the next deadline (in your case, expect them around Sept 30), and much longer if you're a finalist. I came in second in the first quarter 2006. Good luck with your entry!

Meagan said...

Thanks for the info Tony! I guess it's a good sign that I haven't heard back on the Writer's Contest yet then...