A Certain Lack of Focus

Friday, November 10, 2006

No Future

Well I did finally hear back from the Writers of the Future contest. A while ago admittedly, but I've been putting off posting about it. Needless to say I was not a winner, not a finalist, did not even merit passing comments. Oh well, I'm not as depressed about it as I could be, after all it's a contest and... lots of people enter... I still think the story I sent in is publishable, so now I try doing it the hard way. Time to start sending it to magazines. I'm going to try the consumer magazines first, I don't really think they'll be interested but its worth a try. If that doesn't work I'll start hitting the smaller press mags... I expect to have more luck there. For now though, I'll start with The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
In unrelated news, I'll be taking an illustration class (my first) next semester, so that should be a good opportunity to pump my portfolio. I really ought to email that Mark guy from Marvel, if only to get more good pencils to do inking samples from. I'm also going to start illustrating stories in The Vindicator (I'm the Editor of a student magazine). We're working on getting a website up for the Vindi, when we do I'll post a link here. If nothing else comes of that, at least I'll have some good tear sheets.

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