A Certain Lack of Focus

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honeymoon Sketch Journal Page 8

Sorry I missed posting yesterday... it was after eleven when I got home and getting showered seemed more important at the time. This page was fun to draw, though I had a hard time initially getting the arms rendered, because the train was jumping all over the place.journal"Even after it started to fade, I kept getting comments on the henna. For some reason, I kept forgetting that I had henna, and it often took me a couple seconds to figure out what people were talking about. Interestingly, once we crossed an invisible line into the Northwest, the comments changed from 'is it permanent?' to, 'Nice henna! Did you just get married?'"

The henna is completely gone from my hands and arms now, but there are still remnants on my ankles, which is pretty impressive.


Marissa said...

i want to see wedding pictures!!!

(not that your sketches aren't expressive, they certainly capture things that pictures can't!)

I'm curious about all the details (and wondering about how many more things we've forgotten to think about with our wedding...).

Meagan said...

Sorry :) We haven't even seen them yet, but as soon as we get them I'll post.

As far as forgetting things, so long as you have food and a preacher (or boat captain or judge or whatever) you've got the necessities covered.

loubylou said...

hello, loving the sketchy edges and tiny details. tis very decorative with lovely shaping of the limbs!

ps.thanks for comment