A Certain Lack of Focus

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not a Drawing

I made this little creature while riding in the car. If you can't see it, obviously you have no imagination. It's made from the ripped up foam of a coffee cozy.personThen Matt and I went out for pho and I noticed that there was an angry rice ghost watching me from the table.
riceWhen I took its picture it got angrier (is that a word? actually he looks more scared than angry anyway) and started to disappear.
ricePut it all together now. Angry rice ghost bride thing. I like him (yes him).
creatureI think I need sleep.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

After reading this... your brother and I both agree. You need sleep. :)

Meagan said...

Indeed, but I don't think I'm less likely to come up these things when awake, do you?

William the Coroner said...

You're nuts.

Meagan said...