A Certain Lack of Focus

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Break

Now that the semester's over I've got a bit of free time. I say free, but most of it's already spent, like credit, with tasks I've been putting off until now.
deskThe most obvious one is cleaning. The condo has rarely been clean since I've lived here (though it truly has been once or twice) but it's not been clean at all since Matt moved in. This isn't to say that he's more of a slob than I am (he's not, trust me) it's just that the two of us now have so much stuff that we can't seem to figure out what to do with it all. Things were slowly getting better but over the last couple weeks my areas specifically, my studio desk, my side of the bed etc. have been piling up as I've not taken the time to put things away. Now that I have a bit more time I can get caught up on laundry and get my work space cleared once again.

scarfIt will be nice to have a clean living space, but this is less pressing than a few projects I need to complete. One is the Vindicator website. I've been meaning to get this started for a year and a half, and now I finally have the time and the lack of excuses to hopefully get it up and running. Once I'm done with that I've promised to make a website for Matt's sister Jen, who knits funky-cool to elegant purses, scarves and accessories. If I finish that and still have some time left over I'd like to start redoing my own website. I think the basic look is ok for now, nice and simple, but it desperately needs a logo of some kind and the gallery is badly in need of updating.

I'd also like to start cleaning up my computer desktops, and synchronize my laptop and desktop as much as possible. Matt just purchased a 500 GB hard drive and is making a larger server out of it. Once that's done I'll back up all the data on both computers and be better able to figure out what should be on which. I'll also be able to finally sit down and rip all ourserver music onto the server and my desktop so we can listen to anything whenever we want. Matt says he can hear the difference in quality between CD and mp3, I guess I can too, but I don't really mind. We'll be keeping the CDs anyway, but this way we'll have semi-permanent versions of all our music.

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