A Certain Lack of Focus

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dark Star

Here's another teen drawing to chew on:starThe age on this one is pretty easy to guess because of the hair on the central figure. I was obsessed with spiky hair my senior year of high school (right up until after graduation when I got mine spiked and the style lost all charm) so my characters tended to have spiky hair. I would have been 17. By the way I would like to both BRAG because notice that my anatomy in this image is pretty damn good for someone without any real training and LAMENT because, honestly, it's not any better now.

Other updates: Blogger unlocked my art index blog (woohoo!) so I can start working on that again. I may or may not be able to get that up this week because I REALLY need to get the Vindicator website up by next week. I'll keep you posted on both. As for my thesis, which is sort of the main focus in my life at the moment, I hit the 175 page mark today! It feels like I'm moving slowly, but I do seem to be making progress.

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Lianne said...

I love that seated, spiky haired figure.

Wow, 175 pages?! That really blows my mind. I don't think I've written anything more than 20 pages in my entire life. I'm curious about your Vindicator project, too. You definitely need to post when you're finished with either. ;)