A Certain Lack of Focus

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Another drawing from the teen years. Not even going to venture a guess on age (I'm too lazy to go back and check which sketchbook it's in right now) but I know it was high school so 15-17.headacheI should mention at this point that because I was picking out drawings for a paper on depression, the drawings I'm showing you right now are really the darker more twisted ones. I've been trying to mix in some of the more "weird" with angry-sad-I-hate-my-life drawings, but they're still not exactly representing everything I was drawing between the ages of 15 and 19. I do have drawings from this age that are not as dark, a lot more fantasy and silly drawings, and I'll get to those eventually.

Just finished reading the webcomic book and Childhood's End. Review of the web comic definitely and Childhood's End possibly coming sometime next week.

No word yet on the Art Directory stuff from google/blogger... hoping I'll hear from them tomorrow...

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