A Certain Lack of Focus

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Teeny-bopper Drawings

Well I haven't drawn anything in a while for my "drawing of the day" thing, and honestly I don't know when I'm going to get back into that. Soon I hope. In the meantime, I was writing a paper yesterday on teen depression and wanted to use some of my old high school sketches to illustrate a point. I'm in the process of scanning in all my old sketches (that'll take a while) and figured you guys might enjoy seeing some of them. Here's the first:hanginI think this one was drawn when I was seventeen or so. Whenever I look at my old sketches it strikes me that I was much more creative when I was younger, but then, I was also much more depressed and generally screwed up in the head, so, you know, I guess there's a trade off.


Jennifer Sullivan said...

I really love this drawing. I can't believe that you did this when you were 17. Impressive.

Meagan said...

Thanks, sometimes I look at my high school notebooks and wonder if I really learned anything at all in college art wise. I did, but I'm always a little sad at how much more creative I was when I was a teenager.

Lianne said...

It's always interesting to look back on drawings from a long time ago. Although I believe your creativity can still be cultivated, even if you think you've lost it. ;)

A college professor told me on the last day of his class to enjoy making art for yourself because in the professional world you won't have much time for it. I think this is true as we grow older...we just don't have as much time for the creativity without being bogged down by adult responsibilities.

As kids, we have the time and spontaneity which helps breed creativity; as adults it just takes a bit more time because our brains are overrun with other things. I'm sure if you keep up your curiosity and playfulness with things you'll be fine. :D

That's just my two cents, tho.

petescully said...

wicked! funny, i was just doing the same thing, and it's true too about being more creative while a teenager, but being a bit more mental, i was.