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Monday, November 19, 2007

I Promised You Dragon Sex

In an earlier post, I mentioned something about dragon mating, so I thought I'd go ahead an explain that now.

booksA little while ago, I got to wondering how whales have sex. These sort of thoughts pop into my head all the time and Matt and I have a rule (which we do our best to follow) that whenever we wonder something, we look up the answer. This came about after because both of us are inclined to say I wonder a hundred times a day, and then we used to leave it at that. We realized that if we started finding the answers to all those "I wonders" we'd be the smartest people in the world within weeks. Or maybe not quite, but a lot smarter than we are now.

At any rate, I was wondering how whales mate, but I said I guessed that they mated stomach to stomach like birds, because, like birds, they aren't really effected by gravity and so can mate in midair so to speak, only in the water. Matt looked at me like I was crazy when I said this, (I get that a lot) and asked what I meant.

Of course I thought everyone knew that all birds mate in midair, but as soon as I started to think about it I realized I didn't mean birds after all. I meant dragons. Everyone knows dragons mate in midair, right? Right?

See I was remembering reading Dragondrums (Harper Hall Trilogy) by Anne McCaffrey as a teenager. There's a scene in the book where two of the mini-dragons (were the called fire lizards maybe? It's been a long time. I guess I'll have to look THAT up too.) had a mating flight, and the image was so vivid that I automatically thought of any creature with flight, or flight like abilities (swimming) as mating in the same way. When I continued thinking about it, I realized most birds probably mate the same way most animals do, mounting from the back, with a bit of aid in balance from the wings.

So I looked that up. I couldn't find any specific explanation of how birds mate, but when I did a search for midair mating I found that some kinds of swallows at least do mate in flight, which is kind of cool. They seemed to be the exception however. And then of course, I had to look up whales. I couldn't find much, at least nothing much useful. I did find a site on dolphin sex, and by that I don't mean sex between two consenting dolphins. Of course the humans who enjoy dolphin sex claim that the dolphins consent and are obviously enjoying themsleves. I'm hoping it's a parody site, but with the things people do, it's kind of hard to tell. At least one kind of whale does mate stomach to stomach, and I'm still betting the others do to, just judging by their shape. The tail seems like it would get in the way of mating from the back/top, unless the whale in question had a vagina on top, which defies my ideas of biology.
dragonSince I couldn't actually look up dragon mating, I guess we'll never know if I'm right about dragon mating. Now that I think about it, I wonder how Komodo Dragons mate, since they're obviously stuck on the ground, but there's still that huge tail in the way. I guess it could be shoved aside. They certainly aren't built for missionary style.

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