A Certain Lack of Focus

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Improve somewhere else

Improv Everywhere released a new video yesterday. It's not quite as striking as most of their "missions" but it's interesting for other reasons. This was the first mission by Improv Everywhere: Singapore, part of their IE Global group. If we think people in the US are potentially twitchy about large groups of people acting strangely, it's nothing compared to Singapore where they apparently have a law preventing groups larger than 4 people from gathering. The group explained that the law made planning the stunt difficult, which is perfectly logical.

Personally if I lived in a places with laws that restrictive, I'm not sure I'd be so quick to jump on board with a prank like this. There are many things worth risking arrest by oppressive governments, I'm not sure that this is one of them. Nonetheless, it sounds like they pulled off their first mission without anyone getting in trouble, so I'll give them kudos for that at least.

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