A Certain Lack of Focus

Friday, March 21, 2008

Accidental Art

A while ago, before Matt moved in here so REALLY a while ago, we printed out some photos and left them in the car. We forgot about them and recently found the resulting images:
chaosOk I've got these tagged as a drawing so people can find it when they want to look at my artwork (though obviously these were not intentionally created) because they're so cool. I'm fascinated by how the colors have blurred, and I especially like the mix of the complete lack of order with remnants of the original images.
chaosTen points to whoever guesses what the photos are about first. Hint: they're all pictures of the same thing or things.
chaosThis might be fun to play around with sometime, print out some actual artwork and get a dropper filled with water. Could get some cool effects. Not so different to what artists have been doing to watersafe ink with alcohol for ages I suppose, but easier.
chaosThat one ought to have made it pretty obvious, but here's a couple more chances if you don't have it yet:
chaosAnd if you don't get it on this last one I give up on you.


Peter said...

It's the cat. Saw him/her already in the second photo. ;)

Meagan said...

10 points for Peter!

Peter said...

Funny images anyways. Looks a little like watercolor.

janie said...

pretty cool.