A Certain Lack of Focus

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ah Comedy

Saw this on William's blog and just had to spread the love.

The video gets a bit wonky toward the end for some reason, but it doesn't matter. This skit just never gets old. Except when it gets really old. My literarally (not a word) inclined friends ought to enjoy this especially.


Peter said...

Can't hear what they're saying... :(
Brittish accent is just impossible.
(They should have subtitles in Swedish. :)
They look kind of funny, though.

Meagan said...

Oh that's too bad. You might find it gets easier if you make it through the first forty seconds or so. I had a hard time with the beginning myself and English is my first language!

Peter said...

Okey, yes, maybe. It's the "Who's on first" -thing, I could make that out at least. :)