A Certain Lack of Focus

Sunday, March 23, 2008

IF: Pet Peeves

This week's Illustration Friday is "Pet Peeves."catSo my take on this was going to be the cheesy pun of: Hey it's my PET Tricky and she occasionally IRKS me and gee why are cats always going so high and knocking paintbrushes off my shelves? kayuck kayuck.

But instead I decided to go with the theme of how the hell is it that after four years of training in art I still can't draw a damn cat?


janie said...

She's like the Cheshire cat in Alice in wonderland grinning down at you.

Erica said...

that's a perfectly fine cat.
i also had 4 years of art and can't draw to save my life though!!! ;)

Meagan said...

Tricky really DOES look like the Cheshire Cat. She even smiles though I don't think she really means to. Erica, thank you for your support... I'll admit it does look like a cat but if I posted the picture I based it on you'd see that it doesn't look much like MY cat at all! I usually draw people and am used to being able to catch a character pretty quickly.

timafli said...

I like the composition here, you have a line drawing surrounding that makes a contrast to the cat. Very cool perspective. Thanks for dropping by. BTW, the cat is not that bad. Animals are hard to capture, they move too much.