A Certain Lack of Focus

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Here's a drawing I did in my illustration class about a year ago (cleaning is an adventure).scratchboardThis was my first (and LAST) experiment with scratchboard. I love the look achieved by good scratchboard artists, but it's not the medium for me. I was moderately pleased with this piece. closeupOnce I looked at it from a few feet back I realized I needed more line variance, but at that point it was time to turn it in and I was completely unwilling to suffer a second more additional time with scratchboard. It's the noise. I can't handle the noise. Shame, because I think I could have fun with it otherwise. Anyway this turned out better than I would have expected for a first attempt and at least had some well executed details, even if the whole wasn't quite there.

Ten points if you know which tarot card it is (without looking it up on wiki).


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I bet Brian would know! Would it be cheating to ask him?

By the way, I had a good time scrolling through the IF posts on gardens. Except that too many illustrators seem to think that gardens should all be inhabited by weird gnomelike creatures! (None of those allowed here... unless they are willing to place trip wires for the mailwoman! lol.)

Meagan said...

If he doesn't I'll be shocked. Yeah I think a topic like "garden" is just begging for whimsical, it's kind of inevitable.