A Certain Lack of Focus

Monday, January 28, 2008

Beneath the Sink

Yesterday Peter of the Kultrasten Gallery commented that he couldn't see the "face" in my drain photo so I promised to illustrate it for him:drainface

The face I saw was a partial silhouette of a boy. Peter saw something else and was inspired to illustrate what lives beneath my sink (or all sinks). machineGo check it out on his blog, it's in Swedish (I think) so I have no idea what any of the commentary says, but he's got some wonderful drawings and Peter speaks English as well (as you've seen in comments) so I'm sure he'd love for you to drop him a line (all bloggers love comments!).

After seeing Peter's illustrations I was inspired myself to wonder what might live beneath my sink. My first rough sketch turned into more of a mechanical musing, which unfortunately is not my strong point (need more practice). It might be fun in the future to expand a theoretical hydraulic system for raising and lowering the plug. I really do love mechanical/industrial heavy drawings, particularly when they're mixed with organic elements and characters (think H R Giger or some of the art of the Matrix) so it's really a shame that I don't do more of it.

Anyway, once I abandoned that, I decided to just go for what kind of critter might live there and came up with a mixture of an octopus, a worm and a centipede:critter


Peter said...

Now I see him! And it's Sherlock Holmes! :)
(Without the pipe.)

My blog is in Swedish, yes. But I'll try to do something about that in a near future.

The little sink enginner made me laugh! What a greasy job he has!

The critter is absolutely beautiful, Meagan!


Peter said...

Engineer, I know that. :)

Meagan said...

Thanks Peter! It was a fun exchange. I really appreciate your comments. :)

Jessan said...

I just check if the blog was i swedish, and then i see that Peter just answerd that,Iam also swedish=)
What incredible drawings! I am impressed.