A Certain Lack of Focus

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tales and Legends: Thorns

I've posted this image before, not as a drawing of the day, but to illustrate a point.thornsBut even though you've maybe seen it before, I thought this drawing fit this week's Illustration Friday theme too well to pass up. The theme is "Tales and Legends" and since this drawing was inspired by Sleeping Beauty I thought I'd throw it in the mix. This time at least, it's a larger version, so I'm SORT of giving you something new. Tomorrow, I promise, something that's actually new.

*Click on the image for an even larger version.


Lianne said...

I'm really glad you reposted this illustration for this week's topic or else I would've missed out such a detailed drawing!

I love the perspective and the detailing in the thorns. It gives a feeling of hopelessness for the poor prince who needs to hack through all that dense foliage. Wonderful illustration!

Thanks for commenting on my last week's illo, btw. Greatly appreciated!

Also, if you receive a double of this comment, I apologize. Blogger gave me an Error message when I hit Submit, so I wasn't sure if it actually posted.

Meagan said...

Thanks Lianne! Glad you could stop by.