A Certain Lack of Focus

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yesterday I finally changed hosting for my art portfolio website, which means I can update again!

I'm not sure when I'll actually have time to update but here are a few things I'm hoping to accomplish:

galleryOn the main page, I'd like a real hadesarrow logo instead of just type reading: "logo logo logo logo HADESARROW logo logo logo logo" although that is rather fun to say if you imagine it to the tune of "Bager Bager." I've actually grown rather attached to it, but I realize it's not very professional looking so I'll probably leave it as the scroll over title to make myself feel better.

The Gallery is badly in need of updating. I'd like to have more than one gallery, with different types of artwork. The artwork on there is also pretty old, but I'm not sure how much new finished stuff I have. I guess we'll see, either way the gallery needs an overhaul.

pomOn the bio page, I'd like to replace the pomegranate images with paintings of the same. On that note, but actually for this site, I'd like to come up with some kind of image for the title. I do like the image that's up there now, but it needs to go. It was the stock art that came with this template and since I'm claiming to be creative it's a bit sad to have something up that I didn't create. Once I get rid of that there won't be any imagery on the site that I didn't create. Except of course for all the photos I steal from flickr.

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