A Certain Lack of Focus

Sunday, January 06, 2008

EmpTV mind

Today's drawing is for Illustration Friday Night.
tvThe topic is: "How I eventually came to know nothing at all." I was going to draw a picture of someone eating their own brain, or something along those lines, but several someones beat me to it. Ah well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meagan - This is Karen from over at Pen in Hand. I'm not in the NEOMFA, but I am in a writers group with Amy, which might be how you stumbled onto my blog. Anyway, hello, and your illustrations are great. Love the style. (I'm glad you did this one instead of the eating their own brain one - which I've seen, too.) If you're interested in getting on an email reminder list for the sketchcrawls, feel free to send me a note to ksands7@aol.com and I'll get you on there. We have a good time and draw in cool places.

Meagan said...

Hey thanks! I'll send you an email even though I probably won't be able to participate in the next sketchcrawl. I also added your blog to my morning list because I love your sketches and enjoy seeing what someone else is doing daily!

Lost In Wonder said...

I like this so much better than the idea of someone eating their own brain. This one says so much more.

I also like how the guy has a vortex design on his shirt. Like the tv has been sucking his soul out through his chest.