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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

University Design

This is a picture from of the University Center at Cleveland State. Though I'm generally not a fan of this type of blocky architecture, I actually really like this building because of all the space and light in the main area. ucThe Vindicator just recently moved from a basement office in this building which was horrid, when I used to do my office hours during the summer, I'd do as much as possible in the open area which is fully equipped with outlets and wireless (the building's wireless is typically spotty in the basement). It's also a nice place to study or read or just hang out and relax, though it gets a bit loud during the time between classes. You just feel so much more free in the space, and more willing to work on things. Ironically it's nicknamed "the cage" because of the resemblance to a bird cage, and also because there are always a number of actual birds that have managed to get themselves stuck inside. rainUnfortunately, this means most of the chairs and tables give testament to the avian residents. Still, I like the space, which almost feels outdoors (very nice on a rainy or snowy day) so I'm a bit sad that it's being torn down. I'm not sure when exactly they'll get around to doing it, but it makes sense: It must be a nightmare to heat in the winter, to cool in the summer, and it's falling apart. The basement office dripped, right into the lights and over the computers so real great. So I understand why they're doing it, but it doesn't mean I'm thrilled about it. Especially when I look around at all the ass-ugly buildings that AREN'T being torn down.

*I got home from fencing late and then it GOT late so this is the extent of my blogging today, which is why it's combined.

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