A Certain Lack of Focus

Monday, January 28, 2008

Phone Pic 01-28-08

This picture was taken shortly before my car was towed away.
car-cicleOk, I realize this is probably not exciting to anyone native to the Midwest (or other cold parts for that matter) but I've never seen an icicle fused to both an overhanging (car, house or whatever) and the ground. I'm easily amused.


Marissa said...

It's crying.

Meagan said...

Disturbing... it does look like that... and it looks really sad now that you mention it. Really though, can you blame it? Although good news from the mechanic (sort of) he can't find anything wrong with it!

The downside is we don't actually know why it wouldn't work, since Bill (mechanic) couldn't replicate it. The error message on the car's computer suggested that I need a new something (catalytic converter maybe?) but Bill can't find any evidence that it does and doesn't want to change it since it would cost me lots and lots of money (he's a good mechanic). He thinks (hopes) it's what I initially suggested... car couldn't deal with the super cold. He also gave me some suggestions on how to make it go if I have trouble again and assured me that it won't just quit while I'm driving on the highway.