A Certain Lack of Focus

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quack. Or whatever they say.

Here's a penguin.
penguinWhat? I said I'd (try to) post a drawing every day. I didn't say they'd be good. At least I inked it.


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

It reminds me that there was a story in the Cinci paper today about the conductor of a Kentucky orchestra. He's trying to shake up the area by introducing - well, classical music. But he wants not to bore audiences, so he tries to add visual interest. He said otherwise it just looks like "a bunch of penguins onstage." I thought, if you could actually get a bunch of penguins onstage playing, say, Brahms, you'd really have something.

Meagan said...

I would certainly be more likely to go out for a night at the orchestra if he managed that. My penguin does look a bit conductor-y.