A Certain Lack of Focus

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Phone Pic 01-31-08

I stacked a bunch of game piece trains and thought it was worthy of a picture for some reason.trainsI enjoy balancing things on top of each other. These were more difficult than they look because the tops are rounded. I do like the bright colors and how orange the table surface looks in the background, but other than that I can't really defend the artistic merits of the photo.

I'm starting to feel more rested and somewhat healthy. I'll try to get back into posting daily drawings tomorrow.


Peter said...

Wonder where my comment went?

Meagan said...

Blogger comments have been doing some strange things lately.

Peter said...

I just said that it was the shiniest floor I've ever seen, but then I read the text. (Guess it's pretty shiny for a table too. At least compared to mine.)
About the picture - it is a very loco motif. :)